Green Asset Management
Everyone is looking for ways to go green in our day-to-day life. With the constant burden of reducing waste and lower our impact on the environment, companies are looking for ways to ease their carbon footprint and become greener. Green asset management can assist companies of any size in reducing their environmental impact and in turn lessening the higher costs associated with some of the bigger energy wasters.
Simple Ways to Lower your Environmental Impact
Lowering the impact your company has on the environment could be as simple as changing from the standard incandescent light bulbs to the more energy-conserving compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs. Not only does this reduce the burden on the electricity grid by as much as 25%, but it will also reduce your monthly energy costs. Upgrading all the appliances for your company or building uses such as laundry, refrigeration and cooking appliances to Energy Star® rated appliances will reduce your energy and water consumption by at least 10%. Simply setting thermostats to comfortable levels in both the winter and summer will reduce the strain on heating and cooling costs and the emissions that both create. Another environmental strain is heavy water consumption. Installing low flow shower heads and faucet aerators will reduce the amount of water that is used without compromising desired water pressure. Installing dual and low-flush toilets have proven effective as well in reducing wasteful water usage. Ensuring that your buildings are always in good repair and have top-rated windows as well as heating and cooling devices will ensure that you are not overburdening the energy system. This in turn reduces the negative impact that wastefulness causes to the environment.
Steps to Becoming Green
Becoming green may seem like a long and costly process to get started, depending on the size of your buildings and how many there are. The best practice would be to sit down and figure out where your energy costs are right now. Knowing what you are using can assist you in deciding where you need to cut back, and where you are already doing well. Green initiatives always start with a plan of action. Once you know where you can implement changes, decide what is the most cost-effective and green way to realize your plan. You might determine that all your changes can be fulfilled quite easily and for little cost, however more often you could be required to make bigger changes to realize a better green operating standard. Depending on your budget, you will want to determine which changes are necessary right away to benefit from the highest cost and energy savings; as such your budget will increase as you put the money you save back into your green renovation.
Planning Now, Saving Later
As you can see, green asset management can be a simple implementation. The first step in the process is realising that going green is not only a good way to take your business into the future, but it can be profitable as well.
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